An investigation into allegations of illegal drug use by Clemson University athletes has been expanded to include members of the school's wrestling team, a spokesman for the South Carolina state law enforcement division confirmed yesterday.

Spokesman Hugh Mann said that the law enforcement division, the 13th Circuit solicitor's office and university officials will decide sometime in January whether to include the entire athletic program in the probe.

The investigation began after authorities discovered traces of a prescription pain killer, phenylbutazone, in blood samples taken from cross-country runner Augustinius Jaspers, who was found dead in his dormitory room Oct. 19. The death was ruled natural, with Pickens County Coroner Stewart Bell saying Jaspers died from a congenital heart defect.

But the probe led to the suspension and subsequent resignations of Sam L. Colson, the women's track coach, and Stanley Narewski, the men's track coach.

Several members of the wrestling team were given questionnaires about prescription drug use at Clemson before leaving for the Christmas holidays, Munn said . . .

Nebraska football Coach Tom Osborne produced a polygraph result in hopes of putting recent recruiting violation allegations to rest "once and for all."

Booker Brown, a former Southern California player, has charged that in 1972, Osborne, in trying to recruit him, offered him a date, spending money, cash through the sale of season tickets, a car, round-trip airline tickets for his mother and hotel rooms.

Osborne said he spent two hours at the Pendelton Detectives Inc. in New Orleans Friday to explain his story and take a polygraph test. Osborne said he took the test against advice of attorneys because, "to me, people will believe me more than anything."

According to polygraph examiner John Kloos, "Osborne answered all of the questions with a negative response. It is the opinion of the examiner, based on . . . Osborne's polygraph examination, that he was being truthful."

Brown also passed a polygraph test in Los Angeles Friday, according to a signed statement from an examiner. The statement said that it was the opinion of Robert W. Austin, a polygraph examiner since 1976, that Brown was truthful regarding allegations he made against Osborne . . .

Ohio State football Coach Earle Bruce refused to elaborate on why two of his players, Terry White and Jeff Cargile, were left at home for the Rose Bowl, although he said he was aware of radio reports in Columbus, Ohio that they were suspended for failing to pass a drug test.

White was tied for the team lead in interceptions with four. Cargile is a reserve roverback . . .

Joseph Steger, president of the University of Cincinnati, denied Notre Dame football Coach Gerry Faust is a candidate to become its athletic director, saying, "I've never talked to Gerry Faust. I've never met him." Faust, in Honolulu for the Aloha Bowl, also denied the report. . . .

Quarterback Frank Reich of Maryland will lead the South squad in the 36th annual Senior Bowl all-star game Jan. 12 in Mobile, Ala.