Almost 70 percent of the voters in the Associated Press college football poll have yet to make a decision on their choice for national champion despite No. 1-ranked Brigham Young's 13-0 record, according to a survey taken by NBC-TV.

Rich Assenzio, administrator of NBC Sports, said yesterday the network reached 58 of the 60 AP voters and 41 of them (68.3 percent) said they had not yet made up their minds on national champion.

The other 17 said they would vote for Brigham Young regardless of the outcome of Tuesday night's Orange Bowl game between No. 2 Oklahoma (9-1-1) and No. 4 Washington (10-1), which will be televised by NBC.

The survey also disclosed that Oklahoma might win the national championship if it wins the Orange Bowl by two touchdowns or more, while Washington apparently has no chance to finish No. 1 . . .

In Phoenix, a Los Angeles Times sportswriter was punched and had a briefcase thrown at him Saturday after he interceded in an argument between a colleague and a University of Miami assistant football coach, the newspaper said.

Miami's offensive coordinator, Gary Stevens, had to be restrained by two fellow coaches after taking swings at Rick Reilly, hitting him once in the shoulder, the Times reported.

The trouble apparently began when Stevens ordered Times sportswriter Julie Cart out of the Hurricanes' locker room Thursday. Cart and Reilly were assigned to cover the Fiesta Bowl between Miami and UCLA Tuesday.

Stevens called Cart aside Saturday and allegedly began berating her, when Reilly interceded. Stevens confronted Reilly near the team hotel 20 minutes later, the newspaper said, punched the sportswriter and threw a briefcase at him twice, missing both times.

Miami Coach Jimmy Johnson and Athletic Director Sam Jankovich apologized to Reilly after the incident.