Sydney Hall, director of athletics at the University of the District of Columbia, said yesterday he still does not know if Michael Graham, the former Georgetown basketball player, has enrolled at UDC.

Today is the last day of regular enrollment for the second semester, Hall said, but late registration will be held Monday and Tuesday.

"I put in a call to see if he had been admitted and enrolled, and I have not yet gotten an answer," Hall said.

Graham on Tuesday asked for and received permission to withdraw from Georgetown, Coach John Thompson said, so he could attend UDC. Thompson, citing Graham's academic inconsistencies, had removed the 6-foot-9 forward from the active roster before this season started.

Graham would have to sit out a year before gaining eligibility at UDC. Hall said Graham, like any student, "would have to maintain a certain level of achievement" academically.

"There are a lot of factors involved and this is a very sensitive situation," Hall said. "The young man has a right to enroll. But being admitted and enrolling are one thing, competing athletically is another. My major concern as we develop an athletic program at UDC is that we develop a certain amount of integrity. I'm not interested in seeing us become a dumping ground for whatever reasons. We want to develop an athletic program this community will be proud of. I don't think you do that with marginal students or castoffs from other institutions. And my concern is that we don't lose sight of that."

Graham has not been available for comment.