The president of the Phoenix Metropolitan Sports Foundation says the foundation still hopes to bring a National Football League team to the Arizona city and that there have been talks with St. Louis Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill.

"I already met with him last week (in St. Louis)," Eddie Lynch said, adding that they will talk again next week when Bidwill attends an NFL talent evaluation camp in Tempe, Ariz.

"He's coming to Phoenix strictly in an official capacity to represent the league," Lynch said. "I'm not going to make any more comments."

Lynch, whose group is trying to build a domed stadium in Phoenix to lure an NFL team, was behind a movement to lure the Baltimore Colts there last spring. Instead, they wound up moving to Indianapolis. The Philadelphia Eagles almost shifted to Phoenix last month.

The Cardinals informed the league office by letter Tuesday that they were reserving the right to move out of St. Louis.

NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle told the Arizona Republic newspaper that Bidwill "has no plans to leave. But he has problems looking into the future. He has told me of these problems in recent weeks.

"Phoenix obviously is a very-highly-thought-of city by everyone. But Phoenix has another problem," added Rozelle, referring to the USFL's $1.3 billion antitrust suit. "There is no basis for the suit, but we don't want to give them one with a move to one of their cities" . . .

In Dallas, Ron Springs, a sixth-year fullback with the Dallas Cowboys, was released from jail after being charged with fighting with two police officers who tried to arrest him for allegedly harassing topless dancers at a bar.

Springs faces one felony charge of aggravated assault and misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass and assault . . .

Professional football teams aren't the only ones interested in the services of Heisman trophy winner Doug Flutie.

Hertz, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Ford Trucks, Pizza Hut, White Hen, Arrow Shirts and the Bank of Boston are among commercial concerns reportedly interested in featuring Flutie in advertisements, according to the Boston Herald.

As for Flutie's future in football, attorney Bob Woolf told the Herald Flutie is "leaning toward" signing a contract with the New Jersey Generals of the U.S. Football League. "We haven't made a final agreement, but we certainly are leaning in that direction," said Woolf, adding Flutie will meet with Generals owner Donald Trump in New York next week.