It was incorrectly reported Monday that James Harris, a 106-pound boxer from the District, lost his amateur bout to Karimzhan Abdrakhmanov in Reno, Nev., on Sunday. Harris, a light flyweight, beat the Soviet boxer in a 2-to 1 decision.

Lyndon Walker, who missed a chance to represent the United States in the Summer Olympics when he finished third in the boxing trials, will be one of four Washington-area fighters to compete in the United States-USSR amateur boxing competition Sunday in Reno, Nev.

Walker, a 125-pound featherweight, will be joined by local fighters James Harris (106-pound light flyweight) from the District; Eugene Speed (119-pound bantamweight) from Palmer Park, and Darryl Lattimore (147-pound welterweight) from the Distrct.

In addition, Percy Harris (165 pounds) of Baltimore will be a member of the 12-man team. Area trainer David Jacobs will help handle the team.

The U.S. team was selected by the USA Amateur Boxing Federation. Sunday's meeting will be the first between the countries since last January when a U.S. team toured the Soviet Union.

"The (1984) Olympics are over now," Jacobs said. "We now have a new group of youngsters and we are trying to get them involved in international competition. We'll look at them now; by '88, we will be ready for anybody in the world."

"I've seen highlights of (Soviet opponent Serik Nurkavo) on video," said Walker, a 5-foot-3, 19-year-old, who attended Spingarn High School. "I'm going to feel him out at first, just go for points. I'll try to outbox him, and if the knockout comes . . . "

"I'm going to come out boxing," said Speed, 21, who has trained with Jacobs the last nine months. "I'm taller (than Vyacheslav Suoepko) and my stamina is excellent. The Russians are bangers; they don't have any particular style; and they are strong. But I'm most definitely quicker."

"I think he (Speed) has a good chance of winning," said a confident Jacobs. "He's 5 foot 8, and that's tall for a bantamweight. The kid is unusual in that he can punch with either hand."

Lattimore, who attended H.D. Woodson High School, is 22, but has been boxing for only three years. "I don't know who (my opponent) he is," he said. "I just want to use my jab and I figure everything will fall. I am going out to box him, because I have good speed." Lattimore probably will box Isrel Akopkohyan.

Harris, who began boxing at age 8, is a 5-2 Spingarn senior. "I'm not going to bang, and I'm not going to try to knock anybody out. I'll outpoint my man. I'm a boxer, not a banger." Harris will fight either Karimzhan Abbrakhmanov or Nshan Munchan.

Jacobs will be joined by Joe Clough of Tacoma, Wash., as U.S. coaches. The other boxers are Bernard Price (112 pounds) of Muncie, Ind.; Victor Levine 132 pounds) of Kokomo, Ind.; Elvis Yero (139 pounds) of Miami Beach, Fla.; Darin Allen (156 pounds) of Columbus, Ohio; Loren Ross (178 pounds) of the U.S. Army; Michael Bent (201 pounds) of Cambria Heights, N.Y., and Nathaniel Fitch (over 201 pounds) of the U.S. Army.

Following Sunday's bouts, many of the boxers will compete Feb. 9 against the South Koreans.