Tiffany Chin, fast and flawless on the ice, won the women's title today at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, the first step toward the 1988 Calgary Olympics.

Runner-up Debi Thomas, 17, became the first black skater to win a medal at national competition. Third went to Caryn Kadavy, 17, in her first U.S. championship.

Judy Blumberg and Michael Seibert won their fifth straight U.S. dance title. Renee Roca and Donald Adair were second and Scott Gregory and Suzanne Semanick third.

Chin, 17, skated far more conservatively than she did last year at both nationals and the Sarajevo Olympics, where she was fourth, just missing the bronze.

Her program included two trip-les -- a triple toe walley and a triple toe loop. Last year, she also landed a triple flip and a triple salchow.

However, her technique and choreography enabled her easily to overcome her performance in Friday's short program when she missed a required jump combination and lost her balance during a spin.

"Today, I was going to be on my own, more independent," Chin said. "And that's exactly what it was like."

Thomas opened with a difficult double axel-triple toe loop combination jump, but stepped out of a triple salchow. She touched the ice during a triple loop for another deduction.

Blumberg and Seibert, who just missed winning the Olympic bronze with a controversial piece called "Scheherezade", presented a much more conservative program. They had stopped speaking to each other after the 1984 World Championships and didn't start skating together again until September.

The top two finishers in each category will represent the United States in the World Championships, March 2-14 in Tokyo.