Top-seeded Alicia McConnell of Brooklyn Heights, N.Y., defeated second-seeded Mariann Greenberg of Mamaroneck, N.Y., 15-10, 15-11, 17-16, to win the Chivas Regal Squash Classic at the Capitol Hill Squash and Nautilus Club yesterday. For McConnell, who has not lost a tournament match in three years, it was the second consecutive year she has won the Washington tournament.

In the men's semifinals, top-seeded Mark Talbott of Boston defeated Steve Bowditch of Australia, 15-8, 15-11, 13-15, 15-6. Talbott will meet second-seeded Ned Edwards of New York in today's final at 6:30 p.m. Edwards gained the final by beating Todd Binns of Toronto, 7-15, 15-10, 15-10, 15-10.

McConnell, 21, a University of Pennsylvania senior, controlled the match from the start, keeping the ball along the side walls and in the corners to limit Greenberg's offense. Only in the third game, when Greenberg tied the score at 14 and forced a three-point tie breaker, did it appear that play might be extended to a fourth game. But McConnell took the tie breaker, 3-2, to win the match.

"I just kept it deep and in the corners," McConnell said. "And I was able to hit the triple boast (a shot that hits the sidewall, frontwall and opposite sidewall). That's my favorite shot."

McConnell was also aided by her opponent's unforced errors. "I didn't return service well," said Greenberg, 40. "At one point (in the first game) it was 7-4 and I committed three errors on her serve."

In the men's match, Talbott fell behind Bowditch in the first three games, but rallied and won the first two. Bowditch, who upset Clive Caldwell, the No. 5 seed, and third-seeded Mario Sanchez to reach the semifinals, admitted he might have been mentally tired.

"I had two tough matches yesterday," Bowditch said. "Both lasted over an hour.

"What I've been trying to do is get a lead and break players, but today I wasn't mentally strong enough to push through. Mark doesn't make mistakes. He's going to keep the ball in play. He won't lose points so I've got to win them."

Talbott, who won his first professional tournament at the Capitol Hill Club during the 1979-80 season and has won the tournament two other times ('82-83 and '83-84 seasons), has beaten Edwards in the finals of his last four tournaments. On two of those occasions, Talbott has won by one point in the fifth game.