One call, especially in the first half, can't change the outcome of a game. Yet, one has to wonder how different yesterday's Georgetown-Arkansas game might have been if the officials hadn't botched a goaltending call in the first half with Georgetown leading, 26-18.

When Ewing accidentally tipped an Arkansas shot in, apparently making it 26-20, the officials called offensive goaltending. Arkansas Coach Eddie Sutton went wild and drew a technical. The Hoyas converted the technical and scored on their possession to lead, 30-18. Six-point play. Later, Arkansas closed the gap to eight with lots of time left.

Georgetown was the better team. But you wonder. More and more, coaches are suggesting that full-time, well-paid officials might improve the situation. The top conference can certainly afford it.

"I think the officials do a great job," Georgetown Coach John Thompson said yesterday. "But I'm sure a lot of them would like to be paid enough so they could work harder and longer at being better at the job. Anything that would make them more secure would be better.

"You can't eliminate human error, but it might help if they had the chance to work full time."