Coaches Glen Sonmor of the Minnesota North Stars and Nick Polano of the Red Wings wrestled on the ice for five minutes in Detroit last night in a brawling game that ended in a 5-5 tie and Sonmor's ejection.

Referee Ron Wicks already had handed out six fighting penalties when tempers erupted at the end of the first period.

Willi Plett and Greg Smith, who had fought earlier, renewed hostilities at center ice and the fight spilled into the Detroit bench, where Danny Gare and Dino Ciccarelli exchanged blows.

Sonmor, irate with what he called a "sucker punch" on Tom McCarthy, leaped off the North Stars' bench and tried to reach injured Detroit goalie Greg Stefan, who was not in uniform.

Polano intervened and wrestled Sonmor to the ice. "You get a guy in street clothes standing behind the bench . . . punching our players and if you think I'm going to watch that, you're crazy," Sonmor said.

"Nick was all right," Sonmor said, smiling. "He was saying, 'Glen, we're too old for this.' "

Preliminary reports indicated McCarthy suffered three facial cuts and a concussion. He was taken to a Detroit hospital for observation.

Wicks handed out game misconduct penalties to Plett, Ciccarelli and Harold Snepsts of the North Stars and Smith, Gare and Gerard Gallant of the Red Wings. Sonmor and Stefan were ejected, too.

In other games, Tim Kerr scored two goals and Brian Propp had a goal and three assists to lift the Philadelphia Flyers to a 6-3 home victory over the Quebec Nordiques.

The host Black Hawks beat the Penguins, 5-4; the visiting Whalers beat the Devils, 4-0; the host Blues beat Toronto, 5-3; and the Bruins and Kings tied, 3-3, in Los Angeles.