The Kansas City Royals, who signed third baseman George Brett to a lifetime contract last spring, are making similar offers to Dan Quisenberry, Frank White and Willie Wilson.

Owners Avron Fogelman and Ewing Kauffman and other club officials met with the three players and their representatives Tuesday and Wednesday at Royals Stadium. At that time, the club formally expressed its desire to keep the three under contract the rest of their careers.

"Both Mr. K (Kauffman) and I want to provide contracts to the ballplayers, like we gave George, that provide security and provide them a lifetime association with the Royals," Fogelman told the Kansas City Times from his business headquarters in Memphis. "I'm strong on tradition. I don't want to end up seeing Willie Wilson or Dan Quisenberry beating our brains out a couple years from now.

"And I'm very sincere about doing all I can to see a ball club formed and to protect the integrity of a ball club. I think baseball is like business. You need to keep your people and make them better and better, make them feel comfortable and have them enjoy going to work. That is the atmosphere I would like to see the Royals represent."

Wilson, an outfielder, is entering the last year of a four-year contract that averages $700,000 annually and will become a free agent in November should he not sign an extension. Quisenberry, who leads the majors with 175 saves during the past five seasons, has two years and an option left. White, whose $525,000 salary ranks him eighth among second basemen, has two years left.