Commissioner Peter Ueberroth told major league baseball owners yesterday he would order them to open their books to the players association if both sides in the negotiations felt it would help reach a collective bargaining agreement.

The union and the Player Relations Committee have been negotiating a new basic agreement for several months. Their next meeting is scheduled for today.

"If Don Fehr and Marvin Miller (representing the players), and Lee MacPhail and Barry Rona (representing the Player Relations Committee) advise me this could be critical to negotiations and would remove any lingering lack of trust between the parties, in order to reach a successful conclusion, I would do it," Ueberroth said.

Management never has allowed the union to see the books of individual teams and has never claimed an inability to pay for a contract.

Phillies: Philadelphia outfielder Von Hayes and ex-Phillies pitcher Larry Christenson were arrested south of the team's spring training site in Clearwater, it was disclosed by Indian Shores, Fla., police.

Hayes was charged with disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest with violence and criminal mischief after an incident Friday night. Christenson was charged with disorderly intoxication. Both are free on bail pending a hearing.

Police said two officers responded to a complaint at an apartment building, that the two accused used loud and profane language when approached and were arrested. At the police station, Hayes punched holes in the wall of the men's room, leading to the criminal mischief charge, police said.

A team official said trouble began when Hayes and Christenson went to see the Phillies' Joe Lefebvre but knocked on the wrong door.

A's: Oakland pitcher Mike Norris, who missed all of last season with a shoulder injury, has been undergoing drug therapy since two days after his Feb. 13 arrest by the California Highway Patrol.

Red Sox: Right-hander Al Nipper, who blossomed into a solid starting pitcher (11-6) as a 1984 rookie, was ordered to a hospital because of an anemic condition less than a day after signing a new Boston contract for about $140,000.

"I've felt weak for the last couple of weeks and was dizzy and light-headed after throwing batting practice Monday," Nipper, 25, said in Winter Haven, Fla.

Rangers: Texas General Manager Tom Grieve, asked about Toby Harrah's request for a trade by New York, said he has talked with the Yankees about a possible deal for his old Washington Senators/Rangers teammate.

Orioles: Dennis Martinez, expected to replace injured Mike Flanagan in the pitching rotation, suffered a slightly pulled hamstring.