Two days into the ACC Tournament, the line of the week comes from North Carolina's 6-foot-10 sophomore, Joe Wolf.

After playing superbly down the stretch in Carolina's opening-round overtime victory over Wake Forest, he was asked why he started looking for his jump shot near the end.

"Well," he answered, completely serious, "I looked inside first and our big guys were covered so I shot the ball."

Wolf is one of four 6-10-or-taller players used by Carolina Coach Dean Smith, the others being 6-11 Brad Daugherty, 7-foot Warren Martin and 6-10 Dave Popson. Wolf plays "small" forward.

The debate over referee Hank Nichols' decision to call a technical foul on Wake Forest's Charlie Thomas -- Thomas hung on the rim Friday to avoid landing on UNC's Warren Martin -- continued late into the night.

At 3 a.m., ACC Supervisor of Officials Fred Barakat was still defending the call to reporters, insisting that Nichols had no choice in the call and count not make a judgment that, even though Thomas did the right thing in the eyes of everyone involved, the technical could be waved off.

This question arises: if a rule does not give the officials the latitude to make a judgment, isn't it a bad rule?

"We should probably take a look at it," Barakat finally conceded.

Duke lost a basketball game today and its students have been confined to a top section of The Omni, but they are still the best act around.

Today, when the scoreboard malfunctioned during the Duke-Georgia Tech game, they began chanting, "Made by Tech" as the maintenance men worked to fix it. Then, when the scoreboard came back on with the score 0-0, they stood up and began singing the national anthem as if the game were about to begin.