USFL Commissioner Harry Usher confirms placing on the agenda for the next owners' meeting, whenever, New Jersey Generals owner Donald Trump's request to be reimbursed in part for Doug Flutie's $8.3 million, six-year contract.

Skepticism is rife among other USFL owners.

"I think that if people focused more on the product on the field and less on this kind of thing, we'd be better off," said Jerry Argovitz, owner of the Houston Gamblers, starring Jim Kelly.

Argovitz, whose team is getting financial support from the league while seeking investors, also noted that Flutie's signing required Argovitz to increase Kelly's salary (from an estimated $700,000 to upward of $800,000) because of a clause in the quarterback's contract that he be among the three best-paid quarterbacks in the USFL. Kelly was jumped over Jacksonville's Brian Sipe to trail only Flutie and Los Angeles' Steve Young.

Counters Usher: "New Jersey goes out and plays Arizona and gets 30,000 people in the stands where they had been averaging 20,000. I think Kelly's great, but does Kelly put 30,000 people in Arizona? I wish he would." . . .

Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann says he would like to play "another four or five years, which will take me to the ripe old age of 40." Then, he expects to retire to television.

Appearing at the Washington Speakers Bureau's First Tuesday program at the J.W. Marriott Hotel, Theismann said he would like to "continue the career in broadcasting" that he furthered with a network assignment at the Super Bowl in January.

Asked about the two-year extension of his Redskins contract, which he agreed to last July but has yet to sign, Theismann said, "Only Mr. (Jack Kent) Cooke (the Redskins' owner) can decide when and where . . . I really don't know."

But no problem, he said. "I plan on staying here the rest of my life in one way, shape or form."