The father of a Tulane student has been subpoenaed to appear before the Orleans Parish grand jury in New Orleans today to testify in the investigation of possible point shaving on the university basketball team.

The Orleans Parish district attorney's office confirmed that William Olensky of Fair Lawn, N.J., was subpoenaed last weekend after his son, Mark, was arrested and charged with two counts of sports bribery, two counts of conspiracy to commit sports bribery, and one count of conspiracy to distribute cocaine. The district attorney's office said the senior Olensky is associated with a New Jersey handicapping service called Tipps. The office would not comment on what the nature of Olensky's testimony might be.

The younger Olensky is one of eight persons arrested in the investigation by the district attorney's office into possible point shaving.

In another development yesterday, a federal investigation of the charges was temporarily called off to avoid interfering with the Louisiana officials' investigation. Orleans Parish District Attorney Harry Connick today is expected to seek grand jury indictments of the eight suspects.

Connick met with FBI regional agent Ed Pistey on Monday and with U.S. Attorney John Volz yesterday to compare notes on the two investigations. The FBI was looking at possible violations of federal gambling laws. Volz said after the meeting he would suspend his office's efforts to stay out of the way of Connick's endeavors.

Also scheduled to testify today are Tulane Coach Ned Fowler, his assistant coaches and eight members of the team who are not implicated in the alleged scheme.