The following are players National Football League general managers and chief scouts rate highest for the college draft. Players are listed at their projected professional positions: Quarterback

Paul Berner, Pacific

Steve Calabria, Colgate

Steve Bono, UCLA

Randall Cunningham, UNLV

Frank Reich, Maryland Fullback

Ricky Moore, Alabama

Owen Gill, Iowa

Lorenzo Hampton, Florida Halfback

Ethan Horton, North Carolina

George Adams, Kentucky

Greg Allen, Florida State

Johnnie Jones, Tennessee Tight End

Keli McGregor, Colorado State

Harper LeBel, Colorado State

Rob Bennett, West Virginia

Mark Bavaro, Notre Dame Wide Receiver

Eddie Brown, Miami

Stacy Robinson, North Dakota St.

Al Toon, Wisconsin

Jerry Rice, Mississippi Valley St.

Danny Greene, Washington

Buster Rhymes, Oklahoma Tackle

Bill Fralic, Pittsburgh

Kevin Allen, Indiana

Kevin Belcher, Wisconsin

Mark Behning, Nebraska Guard

Rob Monaco, Vanderbilt

Gary Naron, North Carolina

Mark Krerowicz, Ohio State

Lomas Brown, Florida Center

Mark Traynowicz, Nebraska

Kirk Lowdermilk, Ohio State

Michael Kelly, Notre Dame

Kevin Glover, Maryland

Trevor Matich, Brigham Young Defensive End

Ray Childress, Texas A&M

Garin Veris, Stanford

Mike Gann, Notre Dame

Ron Mattes, Virginia

Ron Holmes, Washington Defensive Tackle

Bruce Smith, Virginia Tech

Richard Byrd, So. Mississippi

Darryl Sims, Wisconsin Nose Tackle

William Perry, Clemson

William Sheerin, Ithaca

Dave Morrill, Ohio State Linebacker

Alvin Toles, Tennessee

Duane Bickett, USC

Jack Del Rio, USC

Emanuel King, Alabama

Freddie Nunn, Mississippi

Carl Zander, Tennessee

Chris Doleman, Pittsburgh

Frank Bush, N.C. State Safety

Jerry Gray, Texas

Bret Clark, Nebraska

Dave King, Auburn

Keith Stanberry, Oklahoma Cornerback

Richard Johnson, Wisconsin

Don Anderson, Purdue

Tyrone Davis, Clemson

Reggie Pleasant, Clemson

Troy Nixon, S. Dakota State