Although George Washington University has not yet formed a search committee to find a replacement for Gerry Gimelstob, who resigned as men's basketball coach April 2, the school has received "hundreds of feelers" from interested coaches, Athletic Director Steve Bilsky said yesterday.

And, even though he has not written, Lehigh Coach Tom Schneider, a former GW assistant coach, said he is interested in the job.

"I would be lying if I said that I would not familiarize myself with an opportunity to coach a school I am familiar with, in my home town, in the Atlantic 10 Conference," Schneider said. "Am I interested in checking the situation out? Yes.

"I have a nice job here, but that would be a nice opportunity."

The earliest GW will hire a coach, Bilsky said, is in three weeks, "give or take a day." He expects to conduct a "national search."

Bilsky, who said the search committee should be finalized in the next two days, said Colonials assistant Mike Cohen also is a candidate for the job. Cohen, at home in New Jersey following the death of his father, is Gimelstob's choice as a replacement.

Meanwhile, Gimelstob, who had a four-year record of 58-55 at GW, said he has not found another job. He said he was going out of town today to interview for a basketball head coaching job, but refused to say where he was headed.

"I've got to visit with some people," he said. "I still haven't accepted anything yet."

The search committee to find his replacement will be chaired by Dr. Edward A. Caress, GW's faculty representative to the NCAA. Bilsky said one of GW's basketball players also will sit on the committee, although he said the player has not yet been selected.

In all, Bilsky expects the committee to consist of seven or eight people.

Bilsky acknowledged that the timing of the search -- right in the middle of the recruiting season -- is not ideal.

"The best situation would be to have someone today," Bilsky said. "But if we have to sacrifice some short-term things like recruiting for the long-term gain, then we will. We want to be really thorough. We don't plan to take any shortcuts."

He added, however, that Cohen and fellow assistant Pat Dennis continue to seek players for the school. "We have not stopped recruiting," Bilsky said.