Prince George's Circuit Judge Albert T. Blackwell Jr. yesterday recessed until Monday the trial involving Abe Pollin, general partner of Capital Centre and owner of the Washington Bullets and Washington Capitals.

Blackwell dismissed the court yesterday morning because of a death in the family of one of Pollin's attorneys. Monday will begin the fourth week of the trial.

Arnold Heft, a limited partner in Capital Centre, has filed a civil suit against Pollin, contending that Pollin, in June 1982, instituted secret, unilateral adjustments in license agreements between the teams and the Centre. Those adjustments in effect returned $860,000 to the teams from Capital Centre. Heft asks the adjustments be rescinded and an accounting of their effect be made.

On Thursday, Pollin's attorneys introduced documents indicating the Centre had a net profit of $8.6 million from 1973 to June 1984, and that Pollin received more than $9.7 million and Heft nearly $5 million in partners' disbursements. The Capitals suffered cash losses of more than $22.8 million and the Bullets nearly $4.1 million as of June 1984.

An attorney for Pollin said the documents were introduced to show Capital Centre acted "fairly and reasonably" in making the adjustments.

-- Tim Warren