Ken Kelly, baseball coach at Georgetown, turned in a letter of resignation earlier this season, but Athletic Director Frank Rienzo talked him into staying for the rest of the team's schedule.

Kelly will reamin as coach the rest of the season, when he and Rienzo will meet to decide his future with the team. Kelly said yesterday that it was in his "best interest" not to discuss why he submitted a letter of resignation. Rienzo declined to comment.

In his seventh season as part-time coach, Kelly has a 231-226-2 career record, including 19-14 this season. As a part-time coach, his contract is renewed annually. Kelly also works as president of Baseball Academies, Inc., a company that runs indoor baseball facilities and clinics.

Kelly told his players last week that he was considering leaving the team, according to all-America outfielder Steve Iannini. "He told us nonchalantly," said Iannini. "It came as a shock to the team. He didn't mention why."

Teammate Mark Lepnew said Kelly gave the impression that the university wasn't giving the baseball team enough support. "Maybe he doesn't get as much from the university as he would like," Lepnew said.

Baseball players at Georgetown do not receive any scholarship aid, and recruiting is done on a shoestring budget.

Catcher Bill Nachtigal said, "He told us that he turned in a letter of resignation and he wanted it to be forgotten, and for us to concentrate on finishing the season."

Nachtigal also said he thought Kelly was concerned about the university's lack of support. "That's pretty much what I felt (from what he told us). And it was not just money. It was more that."