College presidents urging reforms in intercollegiate athletics have been asked to consider a plan that would put the NCAA Division I-A governing power into the hands of a board of 22 college presidents and chief operating officers.

Edward T. Foote II, president of the University of Miami, has asked the American Council on Education to draft the plan for a separate constitution for NCAA Division I-A, which is comprised of the 105 schools that play big-time football and basketball. Foote told The Washington Post that he wants the plan discussed at a meeting of Division I-A schools on June 20 in New Orleans.

That meeting is scheduled before a special two-day convention to consider issues of institutional integrity and finances.

Foote proposes that a committee of presidents then be appointed to refine the plan. That committee would draft a proposal to be considered at the NCAA's annual convention in January.

The idea is similar to a proposal voted down in 1983 that would have created a 44-member board of presidents to govern the entire NCAA. That convention agreed to a compromise that resulted in formation of the President's Commission, which advises the NCAA Council.

Membership on the 22-member Division I-A board would include the 11 current Division I-A presidents on the President's Commission. Foote said that John Ryan of Indiana University, chairman of the President's Commission, agrees with the concept.

Foote said it is important for presidents to govern intercollegiate athletics because the elements of budgetary, academic and athletic interests all converge in their offices.