The Washington Bullets announced yesterday a 6 percent increase in ticket prices for their 1985-86 basketball season, including a rise to $16 for the highest-priced seats at Capital Centre.

The NBA team said it will lower prices on almost 4,000 seats in selected areas, adding 500 more $5 tickets, the lowest regular price.

Tickets next season will be priced at $16, $13, $11, $9 and $5. This past season, the range was $14.50, $11.50, $8.50 and $5.

Of Capital Centre's 19,105 capacity for basketball, 6,500 seats will be priced at $11 or less. In addition, for 15 weeknight games during the season, the prices in the four lowest categories will be scaled down, ranging from $3 to $9.

"The reasons behind the move were twofold," said Dick Glover, the Bullets' vice president and chief administrative officer. "We'd like more people to come out and . . . come more often. That can be a price-sensitive issue, when you add up the cost of two tickets, parking and the like. We're assuming that that comes in the $10-11.50 range. Now what we want to do is make it easier for people to come out and not have to spend more than $25 in a night."

Tom Ward, Bullets' marketing director, said "people buying (top-scale) tickets can basically afford being in the beachfront location. What we've done is helped the little guy."