Don Fehr, acting executive director of the Major League Players Association, said yesterday he will ask the 26 baseball club player representatives to consider asking for strike authorization when they meet in Chicago May 23.

Fehr reacted after management suggested in a negotiation meeting Monday it would ask for a freeze in pension and salary compensation at 1985 levels in the current collective bargaining talks.

"The players have three emotions at this point," Fehr said. "First, they are almost completely resigned to the fact that these negotiations are no different from past negotiations. There is no logic, no reasoning. It is apparent that strike authorization is needed.

"Second, there is frustration for the same reasons. We can't seem to do anything in an appropriate, businesslike manner. Third, it's making them angry. The anger is building" . . .

The New York Yankees have fined infielders Dale Berra and Don Mattingly $1,000 each for actions on the team's recent road trip.

Berra was charged in Kansas City, Mo., Saturday night with indecent conduct and assault, for trying to strike a security officer who allegedly saw him urinating in a public place. Kansas City police said Mattingly received a municipal summons for indecent conduct on Thursday, also for urinating in a public place.

Both incidents, police said, took place at the fashionable Country Club Plaza. Both players' hearings were set for July 6.

Proceeds from their club fines will be donated to public school athletics in New York City.