North Carolina Coach Dick Crum's recent comments that Atlantic Coast Conference schools, among them Maryland, undermine his football recruiting by lowering academic standards for athletes drew an angry response yesterday from Maryland Athletic Director Dick Dull.

"The Maryland people will go after a kid we're recruiting and actually encourage him not to finish his academic courses," Crum told a gathering of North Carolina alumni in Richmond last Thursday, according to a story in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. "They know that knocks us out of the picture."

Dull's response was icy and well prepared.

"I think people in glass houses probably shouldn't throw stones," he said. "I happen to have in my hand right now a copy of a transcript of a grant-in-aid player North Carolina recruited last year. It suggests that what he is saying is happening at his own school."

Dull said Maryland, like most state schools, grants certain exemptions enabling students, including athletes, to enroll under various programs. But "we have not lowered our standards for athletes," he said.

"It's unfortunate that Crum maligns other conference schools," Dull said. " . . . It's become a consistent pattern. That he finds it necessary demonstrates sour grapes, especially when he is on the losing end against us or Virginia. His actions and conduct are singular in the conference."

Crum directed most of his remarks at Virginia, but now has said he was "quoted totally out of context" about that university.

Crum said his remarks, which drew similar "glass houses" comment from Virginia Athletic Director Dick Schultz, were meant as praise for Virginia's recruiting success under Coach George Welsh.

Crum, speaking to reporters Tuesday night before addressing a meeting of the North Carolina Educational Foundation in Danville, Va., said, "I just said they recruited a broader spectrum of players. I said nothing about admission requirements. It's very unfortunate that things happened this way."