The Chicago Bulls have talked with Georgetown Coach John Thompson regarding the team's head coaching position, according to a story in the Chicago Sun-Times. But the team's general manager denied the report, saying his discussion with Thompson was limited to Hoyas forward Bill Martin.

"Have I talked to John Thompson?" Jerry Krause told the Sun-Times. "Yes, I talked to him about Billy Martin. John Thompson is an old friend of mine."

Neither Thompson nor Krause was available to comment further.

Controlling stock in the Bulls was recently bought by Jerry Reinsdorf, co-owner and chairman of the board of the Chicago White Sox. A short time later, the team fired Rod Thorn as general manager and replaced him with Krause.

Although the team participated in the NBA playoffs this season for the first time in three years, there has been much speculation that Coach Kevin Loughery would be fired by Reinsdorf.

Reinsdorf said at the Baltimore Orioles-White Sox game last night: "I haven't even given the slightest thought to hiring John Thompson. It's very simple. Kevin is the coach. We have to decide, namely Kevin and us, if Kevin's going to come back next year. Until that happens, it would be foolish to talk about it at this point."

In Wednesday's editions of The Washington Post, Thompson said he wouldn't be adverse to discussing a coaching position in the NBA but that it had to be structured so that he would have meaningful input into the selection of the players he would be coaching.