Mid-Atlantic welterweight boxing champion Tony Ojo will fight Tommy Ayers in the feature bout at the Washington Convention Center tonight at 7, but the major attraction is likely to be the co-main event between Vito Antuofermo and Larry McCall.

Antuofermo (49-6-2, 20 knockouts), a middleweight from New York City, won the world championship in 1979 and successfully defended it against Marvin Hagler five months later. He lost the title 3 1/2 months later to Alan Minter in Las Vegas, then fought Hagler again in 1981 for the title, but lost by knockout in a bloody confrontation.

Antuofermo, 32, claims his reputation as a bleeder no longer is justified.

"I haven't bled in my last three fights," said Antuofermo, who is 5 feet 9, 155 pounds. "(Bleeding) hasn't been a problem because I don't give them a chance to make me bleed. Ninety-nine percent of my cuts came from butts. The last fight I lost was against Hagler, and he butted me twice . . .

"I have a five-gallon drum that's full of brine and I have my face in this brine for an hour a day since I started my comeback (September 1984) . . . Smells like pickles. It's the trouble you have to go through. My face looks much better now than when I had the title."

Ojo is scheduled to go 10 rounds with Ayers, ranked No. 1 by the International Boxing Federation, No. 2 by the World Boxing Association and No. 5 by the World Boxing Council. Ojo, a 5-11, 148-pounder from Reston, has a 15-4 record with 10 knockouts. Ayers, a 5-10, 147 1/2-pounder from Cincinnati, is 27-1 with 23 knockouts.