Southern Methodist University's football program will be charged with "major violations" by the NCAA in a letter to be received by school officials next week, a Dallas newspaper reports.

An unnamed source told the Dallas Morning News the violations are so serious that if NCAA enforcement legislation under consideration were already in effect, SMU's football program would be banned for as long as two years.

"I don't think you'd have a choice (but to close down the SMU program)," the source said. "I don't know if it would be for two years. But somebody wouldn't be playing football."

The News said the final report on the case by the NCAA Committee on Infractions was mailed Friday to SMU President L. Donald Shields.

Shields told the News he does not expect the letter until next week and would not comment further.

The NCAA's investigation into alleged recruiting violations and the financing by alumni of autos owned by SMU football players has lasted 26 months.

SMU has been placed on probation five times since 1958, the last in 1981.

Since its last probationary period was four years ago, SMU would be a "classic case" for a proposed new regulation to be considered by NCAA officials next month, a source told the News. The rule would penalize repeat offenders by banning their programs for up to two years if a major infraction is committed in the same sport within five years of a major penalty . . .

At the Southwest Conference business meetings in Dallas, Commissioner Fred Jacoby said a league investigation had cleared SMU of wrongdoing in the recruiting of high school basketball star Reginald Muhammad . . .

Louisiana State has awarded Dale Brown a new five-year, $135,000-a-year contract to continue as basketball coach and renewed Athletic Director Robert Brodhead for five years at $82,000 per.