Although most of the players who were with the Detroit Tigers the entire 1984 season received World Series championship rings of 14-carat gold with half-carat diamonds, the Detroit News says others with the team less time received lesser rings.

Pitcher Bill Scherrer, who joined the Tigers last August, has one of the less valuable rings and teammate Jack Morris said, "I've seen better rings come out of bubblegum machines than the ring the Tigers gave Scherrer."

Scherrer's ring was sent out to be appraised. According to the players, the value is $80. "It was so bad, the guy wouldn't even take the 50-buck fee to appraise it," pitcher Milt Wilcox said.

"I've seen better rings around the collar," said outfielder Kirk Gibson.

"I've got nothing to say," said Scherrer.

Jim Campbell, club president, said the team had three categories of player rings, ranging in cost from $1,304 to $380; the cheapest rings have glass stones, he said. "Nobody ever told them it was a diamond," Campbell said . . .

Worth Sports Co. of Tullahoma, Tenn., a major league baseball bat supplier, and General Electric Co. announced development of a graphite-and-plastic bat which they say has the strength of aluminum and the sound of wood.