WILLIAM LEE ATCHLEY, outgoing president, Clemson : "When you have an image problem that academics takes a back seat to athletics, you have a problem. You no longer have an institution where people with integrity want to teach, or where people with common sense and good values want to send their children to learn."

* ED FOOTE, president, University of Miami (Fla.) : "The only hope for major reform is major reforms of the system itself. Time will tell what will happen."

* LEONARD H.O. SPEARMAN, Texas Southern : "We have become so overzealous in our pursuit of money in athletics that we have lost sight of the real purpose of intercollegiate athletics. Overexposure of athletics on TV is going to be the ruin of college athletics. I am a former athlete and I am bored by the number of college games on Saturday, Sunday and Monday."

* ROBERT FEARN, faculty senate president, N.C. State : "One of the things that we have screwed up royally . . . is that if the kid is paying attention in high school to nothing but sports, then his SAT scores may not reflect any of his native ability, because he has not applied that ability to his scholastic work. And his high school rank may not reflect this ability, either.

"That increases our difficulty in predicting whether or not he can be an academic success at a university. We already know it's difficult to predict success; it's even more difficult to predict success of athletes if we -- 'we' meaning the whole establishment of college athletics -- have warped the incentives so much in the direction of athletics that kids don't develop their academic skills."

* JOSEPH ORZO, president, Northwestern (La.) State : "The real shame is that intercollegiate athletics need to have such strict and threatening rules to keep them from such abuses. There should be a certain level of integrity at colleges, and this hell-fire and brimstone approach should not be necessary, It's a shame that it is."

* MACEO NANCE Jr., president, South Carolina State : "Those of us who represent the black institutions have the same concerns about academic excellence as our colleagues in other colleges. At the same time, you have to be realistic. Proposition 48 as it now stands would have a devastating effect on the athletic programs of institutions such as ours."

* MARSHALL CRISER, president, University of Florida : "The country is looking to us collectively at this time to reaffirm the fact that we are academic institutions that conduct athletic programs, not vice versa. In the long run, that's the only salvation for intercollegiate athletics."