Washington does not have a major league baseball team, but it might have a spring training site.

City officials from Daytona Beach, Fla., have contacted Jack Kent Cooke, the Washington Redskins owner who wants to bring a baseball team to the District, about the possibility of making their city the Grapefruit League home of the team.

Herb Sussman, who owns a travel agency and is the president of the Daytona Chamber of Commerce-supported Community Promotions group, said yesterday, "We feel that we have something to offer and it would be a great boost to this community.

"Jack is an old friend of mine, and we hope that he gives us a good hard look. We'll bust our necks to do anything for him."

Sussman said Community Promotions, which was created with the primary purpose of luring sports activities to Daytona Beach, also has contacted baseball officials in expansion-hopeful Indianapolis and Tampa-St. Petersburg, offering the same proposition.

Sussman noted that when Cooke owned a minor league baseball team in Toronto, the team trained in Daytona Beach.

"We have a great facility with 4,200 seats and we plan to add 2,000 more," Sussman said, "provided we get the club to train here."

Through yesterday, the D.C. Baseball Commission said it has sold 3,351 season tickets, including 204 in the last three days.