Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott said she's "bothered and disappointed" that the team's player/manager, Pete Rose, would side with the players' union.

Rose has said he'll honor whatever strike action the Major League Players Association decides after polling the teams. But Schott told the Toronto Globe and Mail she intends to see he's the only major league manager who doesn't get paid during a strike.

"I still love Pete," Schott said. "But it bothers me he would be so quick to vote yes . . . He's a player-manager, but his first priority should be to management." . . .

Commissioner Peter Ueberroth says he does not have the authority to prevent a strike, and he wouldn't do it if he had the power.

Ueberroth said he is "still not discouraged, because there seems to be quality . . . and integrity on both sides of the negotiating table." And, he said, "A strike is a failure."

Ueberroth also said he would veto any attempt to move the financially troubled Pittsburgh Pirates to another city and warned cities in search of major league franchises not to "raid other communities." . . .

George Steinbrenner, principal owner of the New York Yankees, reportedly has given orders to some club personnel not to speak to the news media.

The New York Times said that according to two club officials, who asked not to be named, the only team representatives permitted to be quoted by the media are Manager Billy Martin, the players and Joe Safety, director of media relations. . .

Cleveland Indians pitcher Bert Blyleven's three-game suspension for making obscene gestures to the crowd at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium April 28 has been rescinded, American League President Bobby Brown said.

Blyleven, who had appealed the suspension, issued a public apology and donated to two Baltimore charities -- $2,500 to the Johns Hopkins Children's Center and $2,500 to Cystic Fibrosis Inc.

"It is felt that Bert fully realizes his mistake and has voluntarily attempted to atone for his emotional outbursts," Brown said in a statement . . .

James Abbott, the one-handed pitcher picked by the Toronto Blue Jays in the June 5 amateur draft, has decided to attend the University of Michigan.

Abbott, born only with a left hand, has been a sensation at Flint (Mich.) Central High School. In 73 innings, he struck out 148 batters and had an 0.75 earned run average while giving up just 16 hits.

The Blue Jays selected him in the 36th round.