In Oakland, the A's complained about bean balls, too, after winning easily. Carney Lansford hit his 11th home run of the season and Mike Heath had a triple, double and single and drove in two runs to help complete a three-game sweep of Cleveland.

In the fourth inning, Heath drove in the game's first run with a single off Neal Heaton (4-8), who is 0-2 since the Indians' front office sent his favorite catcher, Butch Benton, to the minors over Manager Pat Corrales' objections.

The A's manager, Jackie Moore, wasn't very happy with what he said the Indians were doing, either.

"I know what they're trying to do over there," he said. "They're trying to pick up a dead ball club but they're doing it at the expense of my players. You don't make a shooting gallery out of my players. Nobody's going to scare us off the field. This won't be forgotten."

Moore said the Indians threw at three batters. The third occasion brought both teams out of their dugouts in the eighth inning. Oakland's Steve Henderson, who had ducked out of the way of a pitch thrown by Rich Thompson, started for the mound, but plate umpire Jim McKean stopped him.

"When they throw me inside and low on the first two pitches, that's one thing," Henderson said. "But when you start messing with my head, then you're talking about my livelihood. Case closed."

Thompson hit Dave Kingman with a pitch to lead off the seventh inning. Moore also said Keith Creel dusted Mike Davis in the sixth inning.