Fuzzy Thurston, the former Green Bay left guard, was talking about who deserved the credit for developing the Packers' power sweep of the mid-1960s.

"I like to take credit for it," said Thurston, who is one of 60 congressmen and retired football players participating in the 15th annual Vince Lombardi Memorial Golf and Tennis Tournament at Indian Spring Country Club.

"But when Jerry Kramer talks about it, he likes to take the credit for it," Thurston said, smiling.

"And when Vince Lombardi spoke about it, he liked to say he developed it."

In any case, no one was taking credit for Thurston's golf swing. "I'm a terrible golfer," he said. "But I'm playing for charity and the proceeds go to cancer research. Having cancer (of the larynx) myself, I know how important this is."

Thurston's teammate in Green Bay, Jim Grabowski, teamed with Ed Allman, John Dowling and Maury Povich for 60 to win the scrambles. That foursome played on the Valley course. Former Packers quarterback Bart Starr, Keith Mahaney, Larry Mahaney and Joe O'Neill shot 60 on the chief course. An eagle by the Valley foursome gave them the victory.

Marv Fleming, formerly of the Packers and Miami Dolphins, and Frank Fowlkes won the morning tennis event. Former Boston Celtic Sam Jones and Morris Cohen tied with Howard Coble and Mark Gibecke in the afternoon tennis, and had to leave it that way because lightning prevented the final match.

Some of the congressmen mixed golf with worries about issues in home districts.

"It's depressing," said Rep. Marty Russo (D-Ill.) about the Chicago Cubs. "We've lost 12 in a row with that team. They lost three or four one-run games. Now they're pressing. It's a lot like golf. When you press, you don't play well."

"Marty, how are the White Sox doing?" asked Tip O'Neill (D-Mass.), the speaker of the House, who volunteered that the Red Sox have lost five of six recently.