Mary Decker Slaney has threatened to pull out of her "Olympic Replay" 3,000-meter race against Zola Budd in London July 20, unless the first four finishers are tested for drugs.

The Sun newspaper in London quoted Brad Hunt -- it described him as "a fellow American who acts as her spokesman" -- as saying, "Mary was annoyed . . . to find (Maricica) Puica, the Los Angeles gold medalist, had been invited without her knowledge to join the race . . . Mary is quite prepared to accept that situation, but maintains if the organizers want an Olympic final rerun, they must accept Olympic rules. And that means the first four finishers will have to take a urine test."

Andy Norman, the British athletics promotions officer, said the invitation to Puica had not been accepted. He said there would be drug testing, as is standard in IAAF grand prix events.

However, other sources said some ABC-TV executives preferred a Slaney-Budd confrontation, without Puica, to publicize the first rematch since the collision of the two at the Olympics last August. Puica, in fact, easily defeated Budd recently at 5,000 meters and would have been favored in any race involving all three.

In New York, Irv Brodsky, a spokesman for ABC, said the network made no such request to the promoter. "Even if Puica was in the race, we obviously would have promoted the Slaney-Budd rematch," Brodsky said. "But we contracted for a 3,000-meter race, not a head-to-head competition."