A memorandum prepared by the staff of Boston Mayor Raymond L. Flynn proposes shattering Boston Marathon tradition by awarding prize money -- a total of $292,500 -- and running the race on a Sunday rather than a Monday.

Flynn is concerned that the race's status as one of the top marathons in the world is in jeopardy, according to the Boston Globe.

Under the proposal, a U.S. runner could win as much as $125,000 by setting a world record in winning the race. The prizes would be $30,000 for winning, $10,000 for a course record, $10,000 for a U.S. record and $75,000 for a world record . . .

After dueling for 92 days in conditions that included 103-degree desert heat in California, freezing temperatures in Utah and the high altitudes of Colorado, Marvin Skagerberg bested Malcolm Campbell in a 3,500-mile run across the United States, finishing in New York. Skagerberg won by 16 minutes.

They ran at a pace of 40 miles per day in the first foot race across the continent since 1929. The "1985 Lou Gehrig Race For Life" was coordinated by the National ALS Foundation, Inc. and has raised $500,000 from corporate sponsors and fund-raising dinners for research.