A crowd of 46,024 came to the Metrodome today to see baseball's best hitters in a home-run contest, but an 18-year-old high-school player stole the show.

Sean Moe, center fielder for St. Cloud Apollo, was shagging flies during the contest when Ryne Sandberg of the Chicago Cubs hit a ball over the center field fence. Moe leaped over the fence and caught it.

As Sandberg looked on in amazement, Moe got a rousing ovation. It turned out that he made the difference in the contest as the American League won, 17-16.

"I wasn't sure I was supposed to catch the ball," said Moe, who will attend the University of North Dakota. "I thought when I went in, I was going to get my face beat in."

Hometown favorite Tom Brunansky of the Twins helped Moe and the AL by hitting three homers in his final at bat. He totaled four, but Dave Parker of the NL's Reds won individual honors with six.

Outfielder Jose Cruz, 37, of the Houston Astros finally has made it back to the All-Star Game as a reserve. He has hit over .300 five times, has more than 900 RBI and has averaged .287 over 15 seasons.