There was some movement on the Bob Carpenter front yesterday, but, as Washington Capitals General Manager David Poile put it, "I don't have Bobby Carpenter signed."

Poile met with Carpenter and his agent, Bob Murray, at Murray's office in Boston.

"We made progress in the meeting," Poile said of the morning session with both, and of the afternoon meeting with Murray. "I made a new offer, which I think is very fair. I think they wanted to think about it. I know we still have our differences, but both sides walked slowly and will be very cautious in reacting to each other's reasoning. But again, I think it's not going to get done in a couple of days."

Without giving details, Poile said the new offer involved rearranging figures for salary, bonuses and deferred payments.

"We're just discussing as many ideas as we can, but we haven't found the magic yet, obviously," Poile said. "They're listening. He (Murray) has not talked to all of the other clubs and he wants to find out who's interested, weighing our offer versus that of the other clubs. It's all natural in the course of negotiations on a major player's contract."

Poile said he made a point of telling the 22-year-old center, who had 53 goals and 42 assists last year, that he was a major player as far as the Capitals were concerned.