The agent for unsigned kicker Mark Moseley said he will meet with Washington Redskins General Manager Bobby Beathard here Thursday evening to try to work out the final details of a new contract.

John Kovin, Moseley's Washington-based attorney, said Beathard has invited him to Dickinson College to finish their negotiations.

Although Kovin and Beathard both confirmed negotiations are all but complete, Kovin said today the two sides "may not be as close as the Redskins indicate."

It appears that Moseley, the second-oldest kicker in the National Football League at 37, is asking for a three-year contract that would include some guaranteed payments.

The Redskins recently paid a $100,000 signing bonus to former U.S. Football League kicker Tony Zendejas, who is expected to provide Moseley with perhaps the toughest challenge of his Redskins career.

That is considered an unusually high amount of money to guarantee a kicker, and it appears Moseley is asking for guarantees of his own.

Even if negotiations are not completed Thursday, it's unlikely Moseley will be late to training camp. He and Zendejas are scheduled to report Saturday, and their competition is expected to be so intense that neither likely will miss a day of work.

Meanwhile, owner Jack Kent Cooke said by phone he has not yet spoken with running back John Riggins but still believes Riggins will be signed and able to arrive at camp on time Saturday.

"I hope he will, and I expect he will," Cooke said.

Riggins, 36, was the highest-paid Redskin the past two seasons. His two-year guaranteed contract, which included substantial annuities and deferred payments, totaled $1.6 million for 1983 and 1984. All indications are he would sign a one-year contract this season with the Redskins.

Beathard said he was trying to reach defensive tackle Dave Butz, the other unsigned veteran, to see if he will come to Carlisle to negotiate his contract. Butz, who made $230,000 last season plus about $35,000 in incentives, apparently is asking for a two-year contract.

Special teams coach Wayne Sevier went to a doctor Tuesday for tests that may reveal a hiatal hernia in his chest, he said. Sevier has been experiencing a dull pain in his chest when he sleeps, which, a doctor told him, could be a hernia.

Sevier, who has not been forced to miss any practices, expected to receive an official medical report Thursday.

"I think he's got an ulcer already worrying about his guys (the imminent Moseley-Zendejas kicking battle)," Coach Joe Gibbs said with a smile.

In Wednesday night's scrimmage at Carlisle High School, Jay Schroeder followed Joe Theismann in directing the offense. Babe Laufenberg, who appeared to have some troubles throwing deep, was third in the rotation. Said Gibbs of Laufenberg: "I thought one of (the passes) was dropped on him. I'll have to look at the films" . . . Rookie H-back Terry Orr, a 10th-round draft pick from Texas, was one of those players who has "started sticking out," Gibbs said . . . Gibbs is giving the veterans already in camp a long weekend off. They will have a short workout Thursday morning and then won't be required back until Sunday night.