For the record, the Washington Redskins won a rookie-free agent scrimmage today, 18-12, over the New England Patriots.

Now, forget the score. It doesn't matter. Individuals, not teams, basked -- or baked -- in the afternoon sun at Sullivan Stadium.

The biggest issue of the day, the battle of quarterbacks Jay Schroeder and Babe Laufenberg, may have ended in an unsettling draw.

Schroeder, who continues to run the team ahead of Laufenberg in drills, completed 12 of 16 passes for 85 yards in the scrimmage, with a 14-yard touchdown pass to rookie H-back Terry Orr.

Laufenberg was eight for 16 for 71 yards and a 12-yard touchdown pass to free agent running back Vincent Hall.

Schroeder clearly performed better in a prescrimmage seven-on-seven drill, going 10 for 15 for 212 yards compared to Laufenberg's four for 10 for 70.

But Laufenberg shrugged that off. "The scrimmage is much more telling," he said. "I thought I did exceptional (there), really."

Jay, back to you: "I just got the feeling I was throwing the ball well. It's a good feeling when you get into a good rhythm."

Neither threw an interception in the scrimmage. Both said they think they did well, and Coach Joe Gibbs basically agreed. It's gotten to the point of being so even that they both have started to grow beards, perhaps just to keep up with one another.

As veterans on a rookies' day, they were expected to stand out. The surprises occurred elsewhere.

An example: Hall, a Joe Washington-sized back (5 feet 9, 174 pounds) who gained 1,992 yards in the regular season and playoffs last year at Middle Tennessee, charged from obscurity to at least short-lived fame when he shucked tacklers for a 35-yard touchdown run and later caught the 12-yard scoring pass from Laufenberg.

"That's a plus for him," Gibbs said. "I think everybody right now is trying to claim (that they discovered) him. Can I?"

Hall always has been told he is too small to play football. But the Redskins like his ability to run outside, which is what he did today when he broke two tackles and ran away from everyone in the open field.

"Sometimes I feel uncomfortable with my size," Hall said. "But when I have a good day, it doesn't bother me. And Coach (Don) Breaux told me I had a good day today."

Another good day was cornerback Barry Wilburn's. Twice he crunched Patriots running backs after they circled out of the backfield, unsuspecting, for receptions. Once he caused a three-yard loss; the second time, an incompletion.

Mention Wilburn's name to Gibbs today and you will watch a man's eyes brighten.

"Those hits were some of the best I've seen for a cornerback coming up," Gibbs said. "He's 6-3 with great range . . . I don't want to go overboard, but I'm about as excited as a coach can get."

Gibbs raved about his secondary of Wilburn, free safety Raphel Cherry, cornerback Garry Kimble and safety Mike Kenealy.

"We have some physical guys there who will make themselves felt in this camp," Gibbs said. "There were four or five hits out there that were something, and they've consistently done it so far."

Praise only goes so far, however. Running back Lionel Vital had the misfortune of fumbling not once, but twice, and almost fumbling a third time, having only been saved by the whistle. Gibbs doesn't like fumbles. Not at all.

"If you're a guy who turns the ball over, you're going to have real problems in this league," Gibbs said. "It's something I'm sure will make an impression on him. We'll see if it shows up again."

Hall was the Redskins' leading rusher with six carries for 56 yards. Orr, the running back turned man-in-motion who continues to impress the coaches, led the Redskins with three receptions for 22 yards. Tight end David Mills of Brigham Young caught three passes for 21 yards.

The Redskins scored three touchdowns in the two-hour scrimmage, the Patriots one. But Jess Atkinson, a free agent from the University of Maryland, kicked two field goals -- from 34 and 44 yards -- to give the Patriots six more points.

"The deal is, we're not supposed to count them," Gibbs said, laughing. "But the guy in the scoreboard was counting them."

Linebacker Darnell Dailey, a free agent from Maryland, suffered a contusion of his left shoulder midway through the scrimmage and didn't return . . . A surprisingly large crowd of 9,538 showed up to watch the scrimmage.