Most of the Washington Redskins' veterans arrived late in the afternoon and early evening today at the team's training camp at Dickinson College.

The official deadline was 6 p.m., but it was not strictly enforced.

As expected, three veterans who had not shown up, as of the deadline, were running back John Riggins, kicker Mark Moseley and defensive tackle Dave Butz.

Riggins apparently still has not reached an agreement with the Redskins, although neither he nor owner Jack Kent Cooke could be reached for comment today.

Sources say Riggins is asking for more than $1 million to play this season.

Moseley's agents did not speakwith General Manager Bobby Beathard tonight. They had been expected to reach agreement this weekend, but the status of negotiations were not certain tonight.

Sources said the Redskins' offer to Moseley is a three-year, $730,000 contract.

A number of veterans, including quarterback Joe Theismann, recently acquired running back George Rogers and most of the receivers had arrived earlier in the week.

Guard Russ Grimm and tackle Joe Jacoby were among the first to arrive.

"Seeing all the guys is the best part of training camp," said Jacoby, 26. "Practicing and everything else is fine. The town is fine but there isn't much to do around here. We just need to get over these four weeks."

Dexter Manley was happy to be back, despite the two-a-day sessions that will begin Monday.

"I think training camp is really fun," Manley said. "Every camp is different. Bobby Beathard and the organization got some new players like George Rogers and it makes everyone excited. We're pretty anxious to get back to football."

Manley, 26, said the Redskins need to play with more unity and show they can perform in the clutch situations.

"I think we just have to prove we can play in the big games," Manley said. "It seems like that has been a problem in the last two years."