The Washington, D.C., area continues to be well represented at the National Sports Festival.

There are approximately 3,500 athletes in 34 sports at the sixth annual Festival, which has come to be considered an important step toward the Olympic Games, and more than 150 of the athletes are from Washington, Virginia and Maryland.

Sean O'Neill, the table tennis player from Vienna, Va., and partner John Allen of Louisville won the bronze medal tonight for the South in men's doubles. Brothers Scott and Jimmy Butler of Iowa City of the North Team won the gold by upsetting the East's Lim Ming Chui and Randy Seemiller, 21-11, 21-12.

O'Neill, the top-ranked male player in the United States, is favored to win the gold medal today in the singles final.

Myung Chan Kim of Millersville, Md., defeated Kareem Ali Jabbar in a lightweight tae kwon do championship bout tonight.

Swimmer Mike Barrowman of Rockville, Md., tied for second in the 200-meter individual relay, 2.3 seconds behind Byron Burson (2:08.53) of Garland, Tex.

But Eleni Rossides of Washington, the top seed in women's tennis, defaulted her semifinal doubles and mixed doubles matches because of a sprained ankle. Tonight, she defaulted her semifinal singles match with No. 3 seed Sharon Fletcher of Spokane, Wash.