Although he has no signing bonus and says his No. 3 jersey was "given away," Mark Moseley still is alive and kicking after Day 1 of his battle with Tony Zendejas.

Moseley, the 37-year-old veteran who was given no guaranteed money by the Washington Redskins in recent contract negotiations, made 11 of the 16 field goals he tried this evening, including a fine run of eight of his first nine inside the 35-yard line.

Zendejas, the 25-year-old challenger from the U.S. Football League who was given a guaranteed $150,000 to sign with the Redskins, made nine of 16, including three of four outside the 35-yard line.

"Mark had a heckuva day," said special teams coach Wayne Sevier.

Zendejas thought so, too.

"I had a bad day. He had a good day. That's it," he said as he walked past reporters off the rain-slicked field.

Moseley wouldn't stop and talk, which he says is his plan for the duration of the most intense -- and talked about -- battle of the Redskins' training camp.

"It's unbelievable," said Sevier. "Even the coaches have been asking, 'What time are you kicking? What time are you kicking?' "

Most of the players formed a loose circle around the kickers to watch -- and comment on -- every kick.

For the record, this is how it went:


27-yard line -- Moseley, 3-3, Zendejas, 1-3.

30-yard line -- Moseley, 3-3, Zendejas, 1-3.

32-yard line -- Moseley, 2-3, Zendejas, 3-3.

35-yard line -- Moseley, 2-3, Zendejas, 1-3.

37-yard line -- Moseley, 1-2, Zendejas, 1-2.

40-yard line -- Moseley, 0-2, Zendejas, 2-2.

Sevier said Zendejas' statistics reflect his adjustment to the Redskins' kicking team.

"It's not at all disappointing," Sevier said. "He has to adjust to the snapper and the holder. It's all new to him. Tony will have better days to come."

At today's morning practice, Moseley was wearing No. 1 (perhaps no coincidence, some observers ventured) after he couldn't find his jersey. He said it was given away; Sevier said he thought it was stolen.

By evening, a new one had been found for him, and he was No. 3 again.


Wide receiver Charlie Brown again missed practice with a mild strain of his right hamstring . . . Other injuries: defensive end Charles Mann (possible torn rib cartilage); offensive guard Bruce Kimball (back); tight end David Mills (left shoulder) . . . Defensive end Willie Roseborough underwent knee surgery in Washington and will be in a cast for three to four weeks, said head trainer Bubba Tyer.