A $3.5 million lawsuit has been filed in the crash of an out-of-control race car that slammed into a concession stand, killing a woman and injuring 20 people. The suit names driver Jim Dunn; Firebird Raceway of Emmett, Idaho; the American Drag Racing Association, and several track officials.

Killed in the mishap last week was track employe Danielle Winston, 22, whose husband is named as plaintiff in the suit.

Dunn, a Funny Car driver from Long Beach, Calif., was accused of negligently designing, maintaining and operating his drag racer, which flattened a concession stand at the raceway July 27 when Dunn apparently lost control of the vehicle during an exhibition burnout.

Of the 20 people injured in the mishap, three remained hospitalized yesterday, all in good condition . . .

Names, places and dates of alleged payoffs and meetings among defendants in the Tulane University basketball point-shaving scandal case are detailed in court documents submitted by prosecutors.

Five Tulane players met on the day of home games with Southern Mississippi and Memphis State to make plans on how to rig the contests, according to documents submitted in a New Orleans court.

The documents alleged that players John (Hot Rod) Williams, Clyde Eads, Jon Johnson, David Dominique and Bobby Thompson maintained telephone contacts with Tulane students Gary Kranz, Ken Terkel and David Rothenberg, and the players and students met frequently at Kranz's house and in dormitory rooms between Feb. 2 and Feb. 25.

The players, the students, a convicted bookmaker and an alleged bribe courier are accused of plotting to rig three games, although the players are accused of actually shaving points in only two contests.