Linebacker Stuart Anderson, a three-year veteran from the University of Virginia who was placed on waivers by Cleveland, is returning to the Washington Redskins.

Anderson, noted for his special teams play after signing with the Redskins as a free agent in 1982, was expected in camp tonight.

The Redskins also signed tight end Ron Egloff, who played last year with San Diego after seven seasons with Denver, and running back Michael Morton, formerly with Tampa Bay.

Last season, the Browns took Anderson when the Redskins put Anderson on waivers but hoped to be able to reclaim him.

Coach Joe Gibbs said he was surprised Anderson was cut this early in the preseason, "but if you were going to be cut some place as a linebacker, it would probably be Cleveland. They're loaded." . . .

Mark Moseley, still going easy on his sore leg, outkicked Tony Zendejas in practice. Moseley was successful on 10 of 12 field goals; Zendejas, eight of 12. All were 35-yard attempts into a stiff wind.

Zendejas also worked on kickoffs. Special teams coach Wayne Sevier said Zendejas' hang time on the kickoffs averaged more than four seconds. Punter/kickoff man Jeff Hayes averages about 3.7 or 3.8 seconds on kickoffs, Sevier said . . .

Tight end Anthony Jones' injured left little finger (torn tendon) will not require surgery until the end of the season, according to Gibbs, who added, "He's okay." . . . Rookie cornerback Gregory Rogers of Towson State left camp after asking to be released, figuring he might have a better chance in Canada.