With major league baseball on a hiatus, the minors played on and, at Prince William County Stadium in Woodbridge, the only thing stopped was the Pirates' home winning streak, at seven games.

The Salem Redbirds beat Prince William, 2-1, last night before 963.

Winner Mitch Thomas pitched seven innings and allowed three hits to make his record 1-0 in Carolina League play. Paul Kilgus earned his sixth save.

Prince William's Orlando Lind (9-6), the league ERA leader with a 1.80 mark in 115 innings, struck out 10 but had one shaky inning, the third, in which he allowed two runs on four consecutive singles.

"Orlando had one bad inning," Pirates catcher Burk Goldthorn said. "He got the ball up (in the strike zone) and they got two runs. We're keeping ourselves in the game, but we didn't get the big inning tonight when we needed it."

That didn't deter the Pirates' fans, who cheered heartily when Bobby Bonilla, the designated hitter, homered in the seventh.

"See, you can have just as much fun at these games," said Jeffrey Brown of Woodbridge, a captain in the Navy, as he watched Bonilla's drive clear the right center field wall. "I think ballplayers make enough as it is."

Other fans also lacked sympathy for major league players. Roy Wood of Clifton, who has missed only one home game since the Pirates franchise moved to Alexandria and then to Prince William, said, "I can't see them striking, making that kind of money. I'd rather see this than the major leagues."

The Pirates, many of whom are first-year players earning between $800 and $1,000 a month, sided with the players, whose strike ended yesterday.

"I think the players were right," said Reggie Barringer, the regular shortstop, who sat out with a leg injury sustained Tuesday. "I think they're right to fight for as much money as they can get. One day, we may be in that situation . . . When I get up there, I want all of mine."

Goldthorn, who was three for three with a walk, agreed. "Being a player, I had to side with the players," he said. "I'm glad it's over. I think we as players owe it to the fans to give them a full season."