While the Washington Redskins awaited Thursday's expected meeting between owner Jack Kent Cooke and holdout John Riggins, there was no apparent progress on negotiations with defensive tackle Dave Butz.

Butz, who has been offered a reported $200,000 signing bonus by the Redskins but told it would be reduced by $1,000 a day starting today if he had not come to terms, has not spoken to General Manager Bobby Beathard.

Coach Joe Gibbs said today the practice time Butz, a 12-year veteran, is missing "is going to hurt him." . . .

The Redskins are experimenting with the two-back offense more this year than in the past, especially with second-year man Keith Griffin.

"We start off teaching that every year," Gibbs said. "In the past, I didn't feel we had the kind of backs for a two-back offense, but I'm staying with it longer right now. If somebody jumps out of there and is a good combination (with another back), it may make me lean more in the direction of using it.

"You've got to adjust your offense to what you have."

Right now, the Redskins are missing Riggins, as well as several tight ends with minor injuries.

Running backs coach Don Breaux said Griffin "would be a major factor" in a two-back offense . . .

Kicker Tony Zendejas said his lower gastrointestinal examination found nothing more than some extra acid in his stomach.

He believes the cause is sleeping too soon after eating -- and perhaps a slight case of nerves thinking about Mark Moseley. "That's got to add to it," Zendejas said.

In practice today, Zendejas was successful on 14 of 19 field goals, including two of three 51-yard attempts. Moseley did not kick. Wide receiver Calvin Muhammad dislocated a finger in tonight's scrimmage and Gibbs said it was uncertain how serious the injury is.