Outfielder Rickey Henderson was still at his home in Oakland, Calif., when the New York Yankees resumed the strike-interrupted season yesterday with a doubleheader against the Cleveland Indians.

"Dave Winfield, one of our player representatives, spoke to him at noon time yesterday and told him there was a tentative settlement of the strike," Yankees owner George Steinbrenner said. "He still took the 1:40 flight to the West Coast and I feel he should have ridden the red-eye back. I have done that many times when it was necessary.

"He's missed two games. He's missed the strike games plus these two crucial games and he will be fined heavily. What does he make? About $10,000 a game. He'd better be in Boston."

(Several other players failed to make their teams' games today, but the clubs said they had legitimate travel problems.)

Yankees Manager Billy Martin said he had not spoken with Henderson, but that the outfielder had talked with Joe Safety, the team's media relations director. "I didn't call him. It's illegal for anyone in our front office to talk to him. There's nothing we could have done," said Martin.

Then Martin suggested, "Maybe he'll stay out there in Oakland. We get there in a week."