Tony Zendejas won today's kicking competition over Mark Moseley, but it's still too early to tell who may win the job.

Zendejas was successful on six of nine field-goal attempts; Moseley on five of nine. Zendejas missed just one of seven attempts from 42 yards or less; Moseley missed three of seven. From 47 yards, Zendejas was zero for two; Moseley, one for two.

The 40-yard line may be the bottom line in this struggle. Special teams Coach Wayne Sevier said the most important field-goal attempts in their competition will be those inside the 40.

"That's very important to Joe (Gibbs)," Sevier said. "The way they do inside the 40, that's what you hang your hat on during a game."

In the preseason game with the Atlanta Falcons last Saturday, Moseley was one for two inside the 40 (he missed a 39-yard attempt and made a 35-yard field goal), and Zendejas had no attempts inside the 40. (He missed a 43-yard try.)

Sevier also said he was pleased with Zendejas' three kickoffs in the 17-14 victory. "That was a real plus for Tony. It was very positive."

In Sunday's preseason game with the Los Angeles Raiders in the L.A. Coliseum, Zendejas again will handle most of the kickoffs, although punter Jeff Hayes probably will take the first one, as he did in Atlanta.

Left guard Russ Grimm probably will rejoin practice Wednesday after taking two days off due to a strain and contusion of his left calf, head trainer Bubba Tyer said . . .

Quarterback Joe Theismann brought his 8-month-old yellow Labrador to practice today. The dog is named C.J. "For Cathy Lee (Crosby, his fiancee) and Joe," Theismann explained. C.J. followed training camp rules by wearing a "Guest" button on his collar . . .

Rookie running back Reggie Branch of East Carolina elicited shouts of praise from Gibbs today for a crushing block on another rookie running back, Lionel Vital, in a goal-line drill. "He has really played well on special teams," Gibbs said of Branch. "That really is a plus for him."

-- Christine Brennan