Washington Redskins head trainer Bubba Tyer says he never has seen anything like it.

For the seventh time this preseason, a player has suffered a finger injury.

Veteran tight end Ron Egloff, signed last week to add depth when most of the team's tight ends were injured, broke the knuckle of his left ring finger at practice this morning.

Rookie safety Kurt Kafentzis started a trend, it seems, when he broke his left index finger July 20. The others are: tackle Mike McClearn (ruptured tendon, left middle finger); kick returner Mike Nelms (broken bone, left ring finger); tight end Anthony Jones (torn tendon, left little finger); kicker Mark Moseley (broken bone, right little finger), and wide receiver Calvin Muhammad (compound dislocation, left middle finger).

Jones, who has returned to practice, had to leave the morning workouts today with muscle spasms in his back. He is expected to miss a day or two of practice, Tyer said.

Also, rookie running back Lionel Vital pulled his right hamstring.

"He's going to be out a while," Tyer said.

Left guard Russ Grimm was back at work after missing two days because of a strain and contusion of his left calf.

Coach Joe Gibbs continues to say quarterbacks Jay Schroeder and Babe Laufenberg will compete all the way through preseason practice to determine who will be No. 2. But he added that Laufenberg, who has been the third man through most of practice, wasn't given much of a chance when he came in for the final four series in Atlanta, when the Falcons were rallying.

"Babe got a tough situation at the end of the game," Gibbs said. "Obviously, you would look better going in second."

He said the Redskins are considering switching the order against the Los Angeles Raiders this Sunday.

Gibbs on Riggins: "He's looked good to me. In some of the drill-work, that's as quick as I've seen him look.

"Maybe it's because he just got here and he's got fresh legs."