Veteran special-teams player Pete Cronan says he realizes the odds may not be in his favor to make the Washington Redskins' roster this season, but he plans to make it difficult to release him.

"It's going to be a tough decision for Coach (Joe) Gibbs, and I like it," Cronan said today, smiling.

Last season, Cronan fractured his ankle in a preseason game with the Los Angeles Raiders and missed the first 13 games of the regular season.

In the offseason, Gibbs told Cronan, 30, that things didn't look too good for him this season, offering to help him find a job with another team. Two days later, they met in Gibbs' office, where Cronan said he would rather retire than play for someone else, Gibbs said.

Finally, Gibbs told Cronan: "I've been thinking about it. Won't you come on back and give it another shot?"

Cronan jumped at the chance, and both he and Gibbs say he is enjoying practice more than he ever has before.

"It's a very comfortable situation," Cronan said. "We have a gentlemen's agreement. If I don't produce, there will be no animosity. It's a reflection of the type of guy Joe is -- a real players' coach."

Said Gibbs: "A lot of people on the outside will say, 'Why even bring a guy like him back? Why have him out there when he can't run, can't this, can't that?' It's hard to explain. You've got to have heart, and he does."

Cornerback Darrell Green (sprained right ankle) may play Sunday against the Raiders. "It's up to him," Gibbs said. "It depends how he feels." . . . Wide receiver Calvin Muhammad (dislocated finger) will not make the trip. "He's not ready to catch a ball," Gibbs said. This is particularly frustrating to Muhammad, who wanted to play against his former teammates this weekend. "That's the first question he asked when he got hurt," Gibbs said. "Will he be ready to play (against L.A.)?"