Chairman Juan Antonio Samaranch of the International Olympic Committee said there is "no possibility" of North Korea organizing the 1988 Olympic Games with South Korea.

"There is no possibility of splitting the Games. The best condition for North Korea is to say 'yes' to participate in the Games (in South Korea)," Samaranch said yesterday from Kobe, Japan.

Samaranch, in Kobe to attend yesterday's opening ceremonies of the World University Games, was scheduled to fly on to Seoul for three days of talks with South Korean officials.

He said the United States and the Soviet Union have agreed to enhance sports cooperation between the two countries. Samaranch will preside over the signing of the agreement by representatives of both nations in Indianapolis on Sept. 15, he said.

North Korea has offered to host the 1988 Olympics with South Korea and proposed talks to organize a joint delegation to the Games. Seoul has rejected the proposal. Samaranch said he will meet with representatives of the two countries Oct. 8-9 at Lausanne, Switzerland, in the effort to find ways for North Korea to take part in the Games . . .

In Kobe, Japan's Crown Prince Akihito formally opened the University Games in ceremonies featuring bands, dance, lanterns, fireworks and a "flame of peace" and "flame of science."

More than 3,200 athletes from 103 nations marched into a new $23 million stadium. As many as 5,000 are expected to compete in 11 sports before the games end Sept. 4.