Cincinnati Bengals -- Signed veteran DE Ross Browner to new contract. Two veterans, LB Guy Frazier and G Gary Smith, were among seven players waived, and RB John Farley (knee) was placed on injured reserve as club reached 50-player limit. Also cut were DB Anthony Tuggle, T-C Eric Stokes, RB Kim Locklin, TE Harold Stanfield and DE Keith Cruise.

Buffalo Bills -- Reached 50-player limit by cutting DE Leroy Howell, S James Perryman, WR Bobby Jones and LBs Andre Young and Blanchard Montgomery.

Los Angeles Rams -- Cut eight players, including veteran WRs George Farmer and Otis Grant, and placed rookie NT Alvin Wright on injured reserve. Others released: TE Chris Faulkner, C Joe Shearin, sixth-year LB Jim Laughlin, DB Hal Stephens, TE John Kamana and CB Hobert Johnson.

Pittsburgh Steelers -- Reached 50-player limit by waiving WR Wayne Capers, RB Woody Pippens and LB Russell Holmes.

Cleveland Browns -- Waived veteran LB Dick Ambrose (ex-Virginia), who became a starter soon after being drafted in 1975 but was unable to recover fully from an ankle injury; LB David Marshall; WR-PR Shane Swanson, and LB Jon Craver. Placed on injured reserve were veteran S Greg Best (strained knee), rookie RB Herman Fontenot (back) and rookie DL David Morrill (knee).

Miami Dolphins -- Waived OL Bernard Carvalho and DE Charles Benson to reduce their roster to 50. St.

Louis Cardinals -- Cut Curtland Thomas, the team's leading wide receiver in training camp, to reach 50-player limit. Thomas, a 1984 draftee of Washington, was cut by both the Redskins and USFL Orlando Renegades.

Chicago Bears -- Veteran P Dave Finzer was among 10 players cut as team reached 50-player limit. Also released were three second-year players: RB Donald Jordan, OT Tom Andrews and WR Jack Cameron. Rookies waived were DE Charles Bennett, DB Mike Stoops, G Joe Spivak, WR Brent Duhon, TE Don Kindt and DT Jeff Kacmarek.

San Diego Chargers -- Reached 50-player limit by waiving LB Vernon Maxwell, who was acquired this summer from the Colts, and S John Turner, who started six games last season.

Denver Broncos -- Waived DE Walt Boyer and the placed RB Rick Parros on injured reserve; signed free-agent Scott Stankavage as third QB.

Indianapolis Colts -- Waived 10th-round draft pick NT Andre Pinesett, veteran T Ted Petersen and K Dean Biasucci, four-year veteran L Gary Padjen; DB Vaughn Williams, in his second season; FB Mark Brooks and RB Orlando Brown. Placed DE Blaise Winter (shoulder), WRs Ricky Nichols (groin and hip), Oliver Williams (back) and James Harbour (knee) on injured reserve. The moves put the Colts' roster at 49 players, one under the limit.

Green Bay Packers -- Cut veteran WR Ron Cassidy; OT Dale Markham, a three-year starter with the USFL's Oakland franchise, and rookie RB Keith Edwards. Placed TEs Mark Lewis (knee) and Tom Coombs (shoulder) on injured reserve.

Seattle Seahawks -- Four veterans, including OG Reggie McKenzie, were among eight players released, and two others were put on injured reserve, reducing the team's roster to 51, one over the limit until CB Dave Brown's exemption expires. Other veterans cut: DE Mike Fanning, C John Hill and DE Mark Bell. With McKenzie, their total NFL experience was 39 seasons. Also cut: CB Arnold Brown, DE Bob Otto, S James Bowers and LB Louis Cooper. Placed on injured reserve were TE Tony Davis and T Ron Mattes.

San Francisco 49ers -- Cut third-round draft pick Ricky Moore, the team's leading rusher in preseason, and six others to reach 50-player limit. Also released: DE David Wood, OT Byron Nelson, TE Mike Wells, LB Jeff Metter, DB John Berry and LB Carl Keever.

Philadelphia Eagles -- Cut six players, including KR Joe Hayes, and placed three on injured reserve. Also released were DE Bryan Caldwell, S Mark Kelso, WR Judious Lewis, G Neil Maune and LB Rowland Tatum. Placed on injured reserve were LBs Dwayne Jiles (cracked vertebra) and Tom Polley (neck), and DE Leon Evans (groin and foot injuries). Announced Arizona Outlaws (USFL) receiver Eric Truvillion has reached tentative contract agreement with the Eagles.

Detroit Lions -- Reached 50-player limit by cutting eight players and placing reserve RB Dave D'Addio from Maryland (foot) on injured reserve. Cut were LB Steve Doig, RB Joe McIntosh from North Carolina State, G Stan Short, CB Tony Staten, G Greg Roberts, WR Willie Curran, T Scott Barrows and T Dee Monson.

New York Jets -- Waived WR Doug Allen, a fourth-round draft pick; veteran RB Nick Bruckner; G Jeff Deaton, the team's sixth-round draft pick; DT Todd Campbell; LB Kevin McArthur and S Don Newman. The Jets also placed their second-round draft pick, safety Lester Lyles of Virginia, tackle Steve August and running back Dennis Bligen on injured reserve, and put Mike Dennis on waived-injured list.

Houston Oilers -- Waived seven players, including third-string QB Brian Ransom and veteran RB Arthur Whittington, and placed rookie DE Mike Golic (ankle) and LB Joe Krakoski (back) on injured reserve. Also waived were OG Matt Harlien, DT Reggie Lewis, OT Tom Lynch, RB James Matthews and CB Robert White.

New Orleans Saints -- Put four players on injured reserve, including WR Tyrone Young, in getting down to the roster limit. Others put on the DL were L Louis Oubre, WR Kenny Duckett and DE Joe Kohlbrand.

Los Angeles Raiders -- Released NT Reggie Kinlaw and S Odis McKinney, both veterans of two Super Bowl games, as part of cutdown to 50 players. Also cut were free agent OT Warren Bryant and LB Darryl Bird and draft choice RB Steve Strachan. Placed on injured reserve were LB Jamie Kimmel, C Nick Haden, WR Marl Pattison and TE Jeff McCall.